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Why Pro Oil SA


We initially set out to produce our own range of Independent branded lubricants with years of research into how one could not produce just equivalents to any Major International Brands on the market, but rather Superior Lubricants that you would come to know as such through the use of them. Pro Oil SA only uses the best grades of ISO approved base oils and the highest quality additive systems available.

Our blend plant is of the very best in the country, and continent, and is of the most modern and technically advanced blending facilities available. We have blending technology that surpasses in many cases Major International Oil Company blend plants. For this reason we are able to, and do, blend for more and more Major Oil Companies who have come to realise the highest standards of lubricants we produce.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1How does one differentiate between a petrol and diesel engine oil specification?
An engine oil container label will have printed on it an API (American Petroleum Institute) specification which will have either a ‘S’ reference or ‘C’ reference or both. The ‘S’ reference indicates ‘spark’ i.e. petrol engine and ‘C’ reference indicates ‘compression’ i.e. diesel engine. An engine oil carrying both references is currently widely used.
2Does the use of unleaded fuel necessitate the use of a special engine oil?
The answer is NO. You do not need to change your oil type when you start using unleaded fuel. Current oils produced by approved manufactures work perfectly in vehicles using leaded or unleaded fuel.
3What makes a gear oil different to an engine oil?
The base oil used in blending gear oils is exactly the same as for engine oils. Gear oils however, are blended with specialized extreme pressure additives to enhance their viscosity (thickness) and their ability to handle load. Remember, a gear box undergoes a far higher load capacity than a normal engine sump. In order for this oil to handle the increase load it is necessary for it to be ‘thicker’ than engine oil.
4Do I only use Antifreeze in my car’s radiator in winter or all year round?
The answer is, all year round. The important thing to remember about antifreeze is that it not only prevents water in your radiator from freezing by lowering the freezing point, but has other additional benefits, namely; Antifreeze stops over heating. Believe it or not Antifreeze is designed to increase the boiling temperature of your radiator water, thus keeping your car from overheating. Antifreeze prevents rust. A major benefit of using Antifreeze is to slow down the build up of rust in your radiator. The absence of Antifreeze will lead to rapid corrosion, producing pin hole leaks and eventually destroying the cooling system.