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Why Pro Oil SA


We initially set out to produce our own range of Independent branded lubricants with years of research into how one could not produce just equivalents to any Major International Brands on the market, but rather Superior Lubricants that you would come to know as such through the use of them. Pro Oil SA only uses the best grades of ISO approved base oils and the highest quality additive systems available.

Our blend plant is of the very best in the country, and continent, and is of the most modern and technically advanced blending facilities available. We have blending technology that surpasses in many cases Major International Oil Company blend plants. For this reason we are able to, and do, blend for more and more Major Oil Companies who have come to realise the highest standards of lubricants we produce. We are also one of the very first Independent blending facilities to blend for a global Marine company, once again an achievement only obtained through excellence.


Pro Oil SA has collectively in excess of 150 years in the lubrication engineering industry in regard to research and development of the highest quality lubricants and the application thereof. Our main area of experience and expertise is that of the Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Mining and Agricultural/Construction industries.

Pro Oil SA specialize in problem solving and have many success stories regarding lubrication/application challenges as well as extending the life of older equipment. We have had many cases where we solved equipment manufacturers faults through the use of specialized lubricant designed for the client according to their specific need. We are particularly involved in part per million analysis (ppm) and can prove with laboratory test results exactly what might be your current lubricant downfall and how we may be able to enhance the performance of your equipment through the use of a better suited, or quite frankly a better quality, lubricant.