• Pro Oil SA Brand development.
  • Automotive & Industrial Lubricants Launch in the Western Cape. Highest quality full products portfolio.


  • Landed Gulf Oil Marine Lubricants.
  • Pro Oil SA was appointed as Gulf Marine logistics, warehousing and pumping contractor for all contracted vessels. To date not one vessel has been missed with delivery of lubricants.


  • Proposed an International Marine lubricant brand vs the major oil company brands.
  • After years of research and development, we secured additives and base oils to begin blending the very first independent, international, marine brand in South Africa.
  • A full range of marine lubricants available for all types of marine vessels, local and international charters.


  • Blending for the CALULO Group of Companies.
  • Pro Oil SA secured the brand development for Kepu Petroleum (the largest independent fuels trade and supply company to the local marine sector) Clayton Smith acts as technical, marketing and marine applications analyst, product developer and quality control supervisor.
  • Pro Oil SA as brand developer, blender, logistics and delivery company for Kepu Lubricants, including all supply and pumping to vessels.


  • Catai Group Of Companies, Hydrenco Crane Devision.
  • Full Supply Of Lubricants To Date. Design and development of a complete range of greases to specific mining and marine applications.
  • Pro Oil SA has unique water repellent marine grade greases, heavy duty construction and mining greases, including a world leader 4000 cSt mining crusher grease, not available from any oil company and unique to the Pro Oil SA brand.


  • We developed a heavy duty, failsafe.
  • wheel bearing grease with a unique additive systems and base oil, that deliver the very best results for heavy duty mining applications where there is no room for error.
  • Still our very best wheel bearing grease to date and asked for by name.
  • Pro Oil SA innovated and launched a world first 10 Micron (urn) absolute hydraulic fluid, from the finest international base stocks and filled into drums, via advanced filtration pods for the zero tolerance hydraulic oil applications.


  • Secured Seavuna Fishing Supply contract on marine lubricants as well as Premier Fishing Sekunjalo Investments group throughout SA.
  • Supply of marine lubricants to Pioneer Fishing / Oranjevis Joint Venture.


  • Reliance group of companies contracted to Pro Oil SA, for all farm and agricultural equipment. GOSCOR Group of Companies — secured toll blending contract for all international lifting and material handling equipment in GOSCOR label. For 10 years, previous supplied as Pro Oil SA brand.
  • Opened our supply arm in Port Elizabeth Dom Pedro jetty for supply to all Marine vessels calling. Launched the first in SA GP 11 Hydraulic fluid 10 micron absolute with 20% more EP additive and protection for hydraulic systems. Energy saving solution using synthetic technologies ensuring the highest viscosity index counts in the industry.
  • Development of our CAT ECF 2 Synthetic 15w40 for Transport, Mining and Marine sectors. The first in SA and only comparable to a Mobil product available only in the USA. Our result PRO SYNTEC CI-4 + 15w40. (GP11 and GP111 synthetic tech) An absolute industry leader which has surpassed the International bench mark for heavy haul Transport, Mining and Marine Engines. It has become our biggest seller and has surpassed all levels of testing in the industry. Longer life and unsurpassed engine wear protection with Polar Head technology and additive systems that deliver like our competitors wish it didn't. OUR FLAGSHIP


  • STOCK 4 YOU Systems designed to uphold our unparalleled service delivery to the industry.
  • Smart systems that keep us ahead of every order every time, delivering service excellence and nothing less will do for PRO OIL SA.
  • Signed JV agreement with FHL Holdings Co. for the supply to all their contracted mines including all PRO OIL SA mining grades as well as greases


  • SECURED OCEANA GROUP of companies 2 year Lubricants supply tender through our Marine sector.
  • VIKING Fishing marine lubricants supply. Have been USABCO INJECTION mouldings supplier for 12 years running.
  • One of the largest Injection moulding companies in SA, who will boast our quality lubricants which have been worked in many cases for over 7 years at the highest pressures, and still test fit for further use..