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Pro Oil SA also offer a full Automotive and Industrial range of lubricants, gear and transmission lubricants, as well as greases and other specialized chemical product. Please feel free to contact a representative for more information regarding the Pro Oil SA range of lubricants. Pro Oil SA also offers a range of Mining Lubricants, specially developed for the arduous conditions in the mining sector.

Please find below the most commonly used lubricants in the Mining Industry.


Pro Syntec 15W40 CI-4+ is an advanced semi synthetic Extreme Heavy Performance Diesel (XHPD) engine oil, formulated to provide maximum protection in both modern, high-output engines including those with EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculating) technology, as well as older engines that operate with high or low sulphur fuels. Its superior detergent-dispersant additive system blended with a high viscosity Group II synthetic base fluid provides ultimate protection to high output turbo-charged engines. CAT ECF-2 New Generation Specification & MTU Type 2.


Pro Ultra Duty Plus 15W40 is an advanced premium, high performance CI-4/SL diesel (HPDO) engine oil, designed to perform and meet the demanding requirements of new generation low emission diesel engines. Blended from high quality, fully approved, virgin base stocks and supported with the newest technology multifunctional additive pack, providing excellent anti-wear protection, resistance to bore polishing and provides superior engine cleanliness. Pro Ultra Duty Plus T/D 15W40 may be used with confidence in mixed American and European fleets both on and off road, and carries the latest API CI-4/SL and ACEA E7-04 and CAT ECF-1 specifications.


Pro Hydraulic Fluid HVI oils, also called Marine Hydraulic Fluids are for use in high pressure hydraulic systems subject to wide variations in ambient and operating temperatures.Pro HVI Hydraulic oils are pumped through a 10 micron absolute filter, upon drumming to create the cleanest hydraulic oil and will extend filter life for that of plastic injection moulding companies, etc.


Pro Hydraulic oils are premium quality anti-wear and 10um (10 micron absolute) hydraulic oils specially developed to provide a high level of thermal stability. They conform to the international classification ISO type oils, which are inhibited against rust and oxidation and contain anti-wear and anti-foam additives. These oils are made from virgin based, solvent refined, high viscosity index base oils supported with international approved additive package and the cleanest hydraulic fluid you can get which provide the desired quality performance required by major original engine and equipment builders.


The Pro TO-4 range combines superior additive technology with high quality base stocks. It is formulated for use in Caterpillar and Komatsu equipment which specify, TO-4 transmission qualified oils. It also exceeds the performance requirements of the Allison C-4 specification. Pro TO-4 provides excellent wear protection and extends component life.


Pro Marine CS EP 2 (400) has a very high resistance to change in temperature. The drop point is above 300°C. This grease has excellent properties at high loads due to the high viscosity of the base oil and the calcium sulphonate complex. Pro Marine CS EP 2 also offers excellent mechanical stability in roller bearings (all kinds of bearings), slide ways and joints. It offers excellent oxidation and corrosion protection, also under the pressure of seawater. Pro Marine CS EP 2 (400) is also suitable for the use in the Steel Mill industry.


Pro H/D Complex EP 2 is a multi-purpose, lead free, lithium complex grease, with excellent high temperature performance and long life capability. It has good protection against bearing corrosion, combined with excellent mechanical stability and load-carrying capability. It consistently gives excellent high temperature performance and a wide operating temperature field from -20 °C to +150 °C. It is formulated with a 400 cSt base oil and is suitable for all grease applications, especially suitable for grease lubricated bearings at low and high speeds and is particularly recommended for wheel bearings, electrical motors and anti-friction bearings.