UA-87513306-1 Cutting Oils - Pro Oil


Pro Uni-Cut 430 is a universal, multi functional neat cutting lubricant infused with chlorinated additives to provide exacting results. Pro Uni-Cut 430 is a highly specialized oil engineered to be used as an circulating medium, as well as a cutting fluid and slideway lubricant.


Pro Broach is a very high quality mineral cutting fluid with extreme pressure, fatty substances and extreme pressure (EP) additives. Pro Broach has a high level of EP additives and it is used for more heavy duty machining operations. It has a high intensity of oil film which was produced by sulphur, chlorine and phosphorus EP additives, and in high pressure and high temperature conditions it can effectively reduce the direct friction between metal surfaces and cutting tools, evidently prolong the tool life, lowed the roughness of metal surface and high precision of work-piece is guaranteed.


Pro Estcut 100 is an emulsion-type metalworking fluid, mineral oil and ester-containing. It gives whitish medium-disperse emulsions suitable for rough and fine machining on aluminium, steel and cast materials. Applicable in low to medium water-hardness range, Pro Estcut 100 distinguishes by its excellent emulsion stability, requiring no post-preservation, generally. The oil content and the effective additive system provide good rust preventability, stable pH flow as well as good filterability.